Advanced search coming soon!

Good news! Advanced searching is in the works! I will be rolling out the advanced options one-by-one so that they can be used immediately, so check back soon! Here are some of the advanced options I will be implementing:

  • Grammatical filtering: Great for users only looking for words that certain parts of speech (e.g. only nouns and adjectives).
  • Inflection-free searching: A boon for non-Latin scholars! No more having to find the root of a word.
  • Filter by commonality, region, or age: Particularly great for when you need to find a particular word from a particular place or era.

Some general searching tips

If you’re having issues finding a word, it may not be in dictionary form. Try searching for the root instead. If you don’t know the root, a good technique is to remove letters from the end of the word until you get a result. For example, agricoli won’t return any results; however, if you remove the -i and search for agric, you’ll get desired search result (and possibly several related words as well!).